Wabasha-Kellogg Elementary i.t.a. Program

Helping children read!

Individual Intervention

The Initial Teaching Alphabet (i.t.a.) program is a critical tool for providing individualized support to students, with a focus on those who need English language skill development.

The use of i.t.a. strategies improves and accelerates students’ language acquisition in reading, writing, and spelling. The one-on-one i.t.a. program also contributes to their overall academic performance and achievement.

Classroom Interventions

All students in the middle school receive spelling instruction and vocabulary reinforcement using i.t.a. instructional strategies as components of an integrated language arts program. Teachers at all three grade levels use i.t.a. to help students write words phonetically in order to facilitate dictionary access and correct spelling.

They also teach spelling patterns based on the sounds of English (i.t.a. sound spelling). Repeated Oral Assisted Reading (ROAR) is used with all incoming 6th graders to increase accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

(1) Introduction

(2) Getting Ready

(3) Practice Session